A young business owner is on a mission to provide ‘the little luxuries we take for granted’ to vulnerable women all over Salford. 

Jess Pennington, who owns Penni Luxe Studio in Eccles, took to social media to ask the local people of Salford for donations to help her create gift boxes filled with useful and luxury items for women who are in need, and who have been affected by Covid.

Jess said: “Being a woman and a business owner myself, I have realised how much Covid has affected people’s lives.

“Many people have lost their jobs, homes and family members during the pandemic, and as a woman, I know how expensive female sanitary and toiletry products are.

“With food banks already providing local people with food and essential necessities, I want to make these boxes a little different by including them little luxuries we all use, but don’t realise how much we take for granted!

“For example, bath bombs, stationary (perfect for people who are studying), hair scrunchies and more”.

Image Credit: Penni Luxe Studio

The boxes will be going to local women who are living below the poverty line. This includes single mothers, refugees, domestic abuse victims and anyone else who is in need.

According to recent studies, the pandemic has had a significant impact on female-dominated industries, and with children being at home more and requiring attention, women and lone parents have been faced with the greatest struggles.

Jess and her family had also been in a position where they had to miss out on the little luxuries many people take for granted.

“In February this year, my dad unexpectedly passed away, and as my mum was his full-time carer she couldn’t work, and we had to rely on just £15 a fortnight from the government when he died.

“My mum’s main priorities were the bills and food, which made us realise how expensive those little luxuries are”.

Jess hopes that if she can make at least one woman feel special, then she has reached her goal.

Donations can be delivered directly to Penni Luxe Studios in Eccles.


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