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A new livestream online pandemic assistance service is being launched in Salford particularly for people having to isolate.

Salford City Council’s Live Lounge online chat sessions will start from March 5 as part of the Spirit of Salford helpline set up at the beginning of lockdown.

The Live Lounge will be a digital livestream, giving Salford residents the chance to talk to its staff about any struggles or issues they may be faced with, as well as find out more about the services on offer in these difficult times.

The services are aimed at Salford residents have to islolate providing help with benefits, securing emergency supplies and help with needs such as dog walking.

Given the current situation of a national pandemic, loneliness and mental health have been prominent issues across the nation and sometimes having someone to talk to is something we take for granted.

The service can also arrange to call someone regularly to check on their health and wellbeing as well as just having a friendly voice and listening ear on the other end.

The Live lounge will also shed light on the mental health support with a new Salford mental health collaborative called Beyond. This service offers 1:1 and online support for those whose mental health and wellbeing has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and who aren’t known to the Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

If you need assistance in any way, why not drop by on March 5th at 1pm using the link provided on its website, you may receive the advice and guidance you need to see the pandemic out.

Spirit of Salford Helpline number: 0800 952 1000





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