scooters at Media City

A new service in Salford will offer an eco-friendly transport option to those still working in Media City.

Lime e-bikes and scooters are now available in the area, following their launch at the University of Salford campus.

Harry Gray, 25 year-old member of Walk Ride Salford Central, said: “I think adding e-scooters to people’s transport options will benefit us all. Having the option to hire a scooter instead of driving will help reduce congestion and pollution.

“They will eventually be legal in cycle lanes too, so will complement the expanding cycle lane network the council is building in Salford.”

It is hoped the introduction of this service will help people who cannot work from home travel in a safe way, which reduces the risk of spreading Covid-19.

The e-bikes and scooters can be unlocked for just £1, making it a cheaper option than most transportation in Salford.

The new service is sure to benefit university students too, as Lime bikes routes in Salford pan throughout the university campus and now to Media City which hosts another university building.

Since Salford was reported to have some of the most polluted air in the country in 2018, the city council has worked to decrease the amount of pollution in the area.

The expansion of e-bikes in the city is just the latest step.

Salford City Council began working with Lime in September of 2018, and will continue to work with the company in the future.

On Twitter Lime have said: “This is the first of 2 scheme expansions and will allow even more local residents to use Lime to make essential journeys safely & sustainably”.

They have also explained that employees at Media City can use Lime Aid to ride for free.

If you’re an essential worker in Media City UK you can sign up for Lime Aid here.

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