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The Lowry have announced on their Instagram that they will be taking part in the #LightItInRed campaign. The Salford theatre will be lit up in red every night this week from Monday 15th March until Friday the 19th March.

The #LightItInRed campaign aims to show support to anyone in the live events industry who has lost their job due to lockdown and the financial hardship it has caused, have had to put their lives on hold and have been unable to work for the past year, or have lost family members due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Everyone across the country is being encouraged to show solidarity and support to those in the live events industry and let them know that they are still, “loved and cared about” despite how hard things have been over the past year.

Buildings and structures including The Lowry will be illuminated in red throughout the week. However, this is not the only way people can show support.

This week, the message is one of hope and support, therefore they are asking people to spread this message through posting their heart logo across social media.

This could be done, for example, by building a heart out of lights, drawing pictures of the logo, or simply posting an image of the heart with a message expressing your solidarity.

The live events industry has been one of the most affected by the recent Covid closures as it has resulted in great financial loss and economic hardship

The affects of Covid-19 on the live events industry.


You can take part in the #LightItInRed campaign by sharing your images and messages of support and using the hashtags #LightItInRed and #wemakeevents on Twitter and Instagram.

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