Salford carers have been brought together at a virtual coffee morning, via Zoom to share their experiences.

Gaddum is hosting the meetings which began during lockdown and have proved popular, being able to meet likeminded people, learn new skills and receive support.

The event was on Tuesday 4th May 2021 at 11-12pm.

If anyone had any queries about the event or wanted to join like to join they could contact here to receive the link for the webinar.

Organizers stated that if anyone had any questions about the event or want to join that they could here and could ask for help if unfamiliar with Zoom.



Gaddum’s aims are to treat everyone as an individual and to help people understand and solve their challenges. 

Their experience for nearly 200 years listening to different generations has helped Gaddum develop resilienceidentify further risks and offer support. 

Gaddum aims to change the lives of the people in Greater Manchester currently working in Manchester, Rochdale, Salford and Stockport. 


Want to volunteer for Gaddum? 

Gaddum are always open to new joiners and are recruiting for several new and existing roles to enhance future development.

What requirements are needed: 

  • Enthusiasm  
  • An energetic personality  
  • An individual who is highly organised  
  • An individual who is up for an exciting future or wants to do something different to their chosen career and to help Greater Manchester’s oldest health & social care charity.  
  • Gaddum welcomes applications from everyone regardless of their sex, ethnicity, religion, disability and age. However, they would be happy for more representation of ethnic minorities, members of the trans community and religious faith groups. Applications from members of these groups would be encouraged as Gaddum wants to ensure that everyone is represented.


As an employer Gaddum: 

  • are accredited as part of the national living wage scheme. 
  • Are able to offer training opportunities. 
  • Are part of the national cycle to work scheme 
  • Are able to offer a personal pension plan 
  • Provide assistance with staff counselling with external providers as part of their health and wellbeing at work policy 
  • Have a generous annual leave allowance, above national legal requirement 


If you feel you could make a difference in people’s lives then volunteering with Greater Manchester Gaddum could be the next career move for you! 

For more information you can look access their website here



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