Stephen Ord

Independent candidate and Labour defector Stephen Ord is running in the mayoral election under the slogan “A Brexit Mayor for a Brexit City”.

He knows it will be difficult to secure many votes in this election, because the larger parties have considerably more funds to work with, and due to the fact that voter turnout has been so low recently for local elections.

But he said: “If all the Brexiteers turn out, I’ve won hands down.”

Salford voted to leave the EU at around 57 per cent, with a turnout of just over 63 per cent, higher than for other elections.

He wants to represent them – but also scrap the office of Mayor.

Mr Ord said: “Someone small, like me, in a small union hasn’t got a chance. There’s already too much money in politics and we need to get as much of it out as possible.

“We should stop big businesses and big unions, it should be individuals and nothing more than £50 each, to change the system.”

Mr Ord was a Salford Labour councillor for eight years. In 2019, he opted to cancel his party membership shortly before finding out he was to be removed from his position.

This was due to a social media post from him during the European elections, urging voters to back the Brexit Party rather than Labour.

He said: “I decided this isn’t me anymore.”

Mr Ord gave a passionate speech in the last full council meeting before retiring, where he objected to plans to turn the old Crescent police station into flats.

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Posted by Ord4Salford on Monday, April 26, 2021

For a full list of those standing, please follow this link.

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