Food waste

How to cut food waste AND save yourself a heap of cash…

Food waste is an issue across the globe and in Salford. More than 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year, and in Europe alone there is enough to feed 200 million hungry people across the world.

So, how do Salfordians cut down on food waste and make a difference? These three food and money saving apps are here to help out.


Food waste
Too Good To Go app available to download on the App Store.

Want over £30 worth of food for a mere £3? Why not download the Too Good To Go app?

The self-proclaimed #1 anti-food waste app”, rescuing food from your favourite shops, cafés and restaurants that would otherwise be binned, and placing them into a potluck magic bag.

The contents of your bag are unknown until you get there and is totally dependent on what surplus food the store has available on that day.

Food waste
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According to Too Good To Go, every year 1/3 of all food produced in the world is wasted, and is responsible for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to give it a go? It’s as simple as downloading the app, signing up and paying as little as £3 per magic bag to save food from its inevitable demise in the dustbin at the end of the day.

Too Good to Go have a wide range of participating businesses across Salford.

Find out which Salford stores are participating in fighting food waste in your local area:

Find out more about Too Good To Go here.


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Got tonnes of food in the back of your fridge or freezer that’s about to go out of date and you’ll never eat it in time? Too many tins of beans clogging up your cupboards? Maybe it’s time to give OLIO a go.

Upload a picture of the food you were otherwise going to bin to OLIO and give your neighbourhood the chance to get a fridge full for free.

The guidelines state: “OLIO is for anything edible, no matter if its loose, raw, cooked, opened, unopened… if it’s food you would eat, then it’s okay to share on OLIO.”

And it doesn’t just stop there- other household items such as alcohol, cosmetics, pet food and medicines can too be put on the listings to give them a chance to gain a new home.

OLIO’s mission statement is: “Fight waste. Help your neighbours. Save our planet. Feel amazing!”

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You can find out more about OLIO here.


Refill is an award-winning campaign turned app to help you cut down on the sheer amount of plastic and packaging we use on a daily basis.

The app connects millions of people around the world to locations where they can refill and reuse- whether that be a place to recycle your packaging, find a place to fill your water bottle, or a coffee shop allowing reusable mugs.


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Take a look at Salford’s participating eco warriors:

Find out more about Refill here. 

Participating Refill stores in Salford in the Refill app.

Salfordians have a history of challenging food waste, find out more about what local people have done to tackle the issue.

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