Weezy is a new on-demand delivery supermarket available in Salford.

What makes them different than other delivery apps is that you can get your groceries delivered to your door in just a few minutes.

This is possible because they have a warehouse based here in Salford, which is making deliveries so fast.

A wide range of products are available to buy, from fresh produce, cupboard staples, pharmacy items, cleaning products to alcohol and more.

Weezy said: “As well as working with wholesalers, Weezy also sources groceries from independent bakers, butchers and markets with customers attracted to its fresh, localised offering” and this is the change that we are expecting as customers.

Independent and local products are a topic od conversation nowadays, and Weezy makes it possible.

As you open the app, you can find a section called ‘local to Manchester’, offering a range of craft beers, tea & coffees, ice creams, snacks and more.

Weezy confirms: “Our customer delivery representatives stock, pack and deliver the groceries within minutes of customer placing an order and only delivered on bicycles or electric mopeds”.

Orders can be placed between 8am and 11pm making Weezy available during most of the day.

Weezy’s co-founders are ​Kristof Van Beveren and ​Alec Dent​.

CEO Kristof started his career in the consumer goods world at Procter & Gamble; he later took up a role as chief of staff at Belgian start-up Showpad.

COO Alec headed up operations at UK start-up Drover and business development at BlaBlaCar.

The app can be downloaded both on the App Store (Apple) and the Play Store (Android). At the checkout, WELCOME10 can be used as a discount code, which will give you £10 off your first two orders, so £20 total.

Following, you’ll find a demonstration of this app and the validity of the discount code.

Try Weezy in Salford, you won’t regret it!

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