Volunteer Centre Salford

Volunteer Centre Salford is hosting Volunteers’ Week 2021 from June 1-7 in honour of the amazing contribution from volunteers.

The Volunteer Centre Salford (VCS) is offering ‘a time to say thanks’ to those who have been volunteering in the Salford community.

VCS is offering mugs filled with chocolate throughout the week to say ‘thank you’ to the volunteers for helping throughout the year.

Certificates are also being handed out to recognise the contribution that the volunteers have offered over the past year.

Certificate templates are available on the Salford VCS website to print and post. These certificates can be awarded to volunteers based on their length of service, the number of hours worked, the amount of dedication contributed, or as a token of thanks.

VCS will be sharing a variety of volunteer stories and experiences on its Twitter feed and volunteer stories can be shared using #VolunteersWeek.

The team at VCS created a video explaining the benefits of volunteering which you can watch here:

In celebration of Volunteers’ Week VCS is launching a Volunteer Activity Grant of up to £500. This grant is to fund voluntary, community, or social enterprise sector organisations which are interested in hosting events in order to recruit, retain or recognise volunteers between September and December 2021.

The closing date to apply for this grant is Monday July 26.

For more information on how to get involved in Volunteers’ Week, apply for the grant or even become a volunteer you can check here.

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