Plans to erect a 5G tower in Salford were scuppered this morning after it was branded ‘intrusive’, ‘horrible’ and ‘industrial’.

Salford City Council’s planning committee voted unanimously to block the plans for Monton Bowling Club in Eccles.

Despite the plans to bring 5G connectivity to the area, more than 246 signatures and over 100 letters of objection have been received in regards to the plans.

Screenshot from Salford Council publicly available agenda document:

It would have been situated only 18m from Hawthorn Avenue within close proximity to two primary schools, two high schools, and a college.

Councilor Philip Cusack said: “Not only is the siting a problem but the design is unacceptable in this area and I don’t believe alternative designs have been sufficiently investigated.”

Residents opposing the mast have shown concerns over its appearance, which is almost 10 meters more than the average house size, meaning it would have been visible from a number of roads and houses.

Another suggestion was to change the design of the tower to make it less industrial or to disguise it as a tree for example.

Objectors have also said the humming from the mast and the cooling fans would also contribute to noise pollution in a quiet area.

Companies like EE, Sky, Vodaphone, O2 and Tesco Mobile have already rolled out 5G coverage in Salford and Greater Manchester.


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