A headteacher claimed that disadvantaged children will fall further behind due to the lack of funding given to students this year.   

  Sir Kevan Collins, who initially made the plans to reboot schools, resigned due to the government’s lack of commitment to the funding. 

The education policy institution has estimated that it will take £13.5b to recover education for students, after the pandemic.  

 The government has announced that they will only put £3.1b into the recovery of school, working out at each child getting £50 funding per year. Spending per pupil in England is lower than it was in 2010. 

 Head Teacher James Tee from Berridge Primary School said: “It is disappointing that the government have backtracked on their promises, we have an urgent need to catch back up, all this is going to help is disadvantaged children falling further behind then they already have due to the lockdowns.”   


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 In 2018, School kids in Greater Manchester were the least likely in the country to leave school with good GCSEs in English and Maths, so with the lack of school time and funding from the lockdowns, how is this going to impact the children? 

The government’s education recovery commissioner Sir Kevan Collins said in his resignation statement that its ‘hugely disappointing’ funding for pupils learning. “A half-hearted approach risks failing hundreds of thousands of pupils. 

Education Recovery Commissioner Sir Kevan Collins Speaks to G&T on Supporting Students After Reopen 

“The support announced by government so far does not come close to meeting the scale of the challenge and is why I have no option but to resign from my post.” 

 This was a hectic conclusion for the proposed plan for students across the UK. With the lack of funding and school time, Salford’s young learners once again will be at a disadvantage.  

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