After graduating in July 2019, Bryony Flaherty has landed a successful career, ranging from freelance work to earning a job at Parker Design.

Flaherty, 23, studied graphic design at the University of Salford and now balances her work as a junior graphic designer at Parker Design and her freelance work, displayed on her dedicated Instagram page.

She said: “When I left school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I’ve always loved design and stuff like that.

“I’ve always been like that from a child, always into art or drawing and everything like that so yeah I did art as a GCSE and then moved on to graphics in college.”

Credit: Bryony Flaherty

Knowing she wanted to do something as creative as possible, Flaherty decided on graphic design as her career path after seeing the job opportunities available in the field.

Coming to the end of her studies at College, she went on to choose Salford University as her next step.

She said: “My college tutor did graphic design at Salford and said it was great. So that was the main reason really.”

After graduating, Flaherty was lucky enough to land her job straight away as a junior designer at Parker Design due to the skills displayed in her freelance work.

“I got lucky with that because loads of my friends are still trying to find jobs.

“I did freelance just as experience and that helped me get the job at Parker, and I just carried it on on the side, but really I just do it for people I know or friends of friends. Just a bit of extra money.”

Even working on branding and design for her family’s small businesses, she’s been able to show off her work at stalls and markets.

“They’re the biggest freelance ones I’ve done as well, I like with the market stalls and stuff it’s nice to see it all on the banners,” she said.

Credit: Bryony Flaherty

Working at Parker, Flaherty has worked on a range of exciting, creative projects including a job for Cambridge Road Estate (CRE), a housing development programme, devising brochures and logos.

“It was kind of the first big project I worked on for the agency. So I worked on it with all the senior designers at my job.

“When I got to see the brochure printed and made it was the first big achievement I’d had really.”

Hoping to work her way up to senior designer and develop her freelance business, Flaherty continues her creative journey, posting her progress on her Instagram.

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