A Salford civil servant has followed through on his promise to climb Mount Snowdon in flippers raising £5,900 for the Christie cancer charity.

Craig Keatley, a 51-year-old from Bolton, told us back in April that he had begun training for his most extreme challenge yet, flipper walking up Mount Snowdon.

His other money-raising achievements include a 20-hour, 200-mile bike ride from Salford’s Coronation Street set, all the way to Eastenders set in London.

Keatley trained for months to climb Snowdon, in total walking over 200 miles around Bolton, Salford, and Manchester.

“Training was key and it will always give you the necessary tools and confidence to give you belief that you can attempt such an extreme challenge,” said Craig.

On June 26, Craig and his friend started their hike in beautiful weather.

Their good start went down a slippery slope though, as the terrain became difficult to handle:

“There were stages where it was so steep we were doing impressions of Eddie the Eagle but in reverse.

Almost every part of the route you were going uphill and to be honest with you it was so mentally taxing having to look at the ground with every step you make to avoid falling to the ground,” said Craig, who says it was all worth it in the end.

Craig and Alan at the top of Mount Snowdon.

“I’ve been raising money for the Christie since 2017 and I’m proud to raise money for so many people I know who have gone through the doors of The Christie.

Many of them are still here today, but unfortunately, some are not,” said Craig.

The extreme flipper walker added: “It’s been the most magical journey so far and I’ve never seen so many smiles and shocked faces whilst the flippers have been pounding the streets, hills, and mountains.

People make it so special and it keeps me going. Life is all about enjoying it and making a difference.”

Craig Keatley has raised £17,000 for the Christie since 2017, if you would like to donate, click here.


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