Today, professional and non-professional golfers come together to celebrate National Golf Lovers day.

UK golfers spend £4.3 billion on their sport, whether it is for the clubs or a membership fee for their local course.

However, like all sports the golf industry has been affected by the pandemic with golf courses closing and fixtures cancelled.

But golf tourism remains profitable, as local businesses like Clubhouse Golf, a golf equipment store in Salford, said: “As a company we make £60 million annually in revenue, so we can say we are a customer’s favourite when it comes to our golf equipment.

“In comparison to other companies, business hasn’t been too bad for us because we had already established ourselves online as well as our physical stores pre-pandemic. So in a way, you could say it has affected us positively.”

Credit: Commons Wikipedia. A golfer in the finishing position after hitting a tee shot


Salford golf courses create a positive impact on the community in terms of local economics to the community.

The construction of the golf course creates habitats for the local wildlife, as well as green scenery which, in turn, helps the environment.

But how can you celebrate National Golf Lovers Day? Head down to Ellesmere Golf Course, Trafford Golf Centre or Worsley Golf Club, and enjoy a round of golf, of course!

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