New Castle Irwell Homes which could benefit from the Green Homes Grant in Salford. Photo credit:

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From today, the Green Homes Grant scheme is being piloted in a number of local authorities, including Salford.

Launched by E.ON, it is a £2 billion scheme fronted by the government, designed to aid homeowners paying for energy-saving improvements.

The aims of this scheme are to cut bills, improve the warmth of homes, and to help the UK reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

How does the Green Homes Grant work?

Local authorities in England can bid for funding through the Green Homes Grant Scheme to help homes in areas like Salford pay for energy efficiency measures through the Local Authority Delivery scheme. They can then select partners to deliver the home improvements grants on their behalf.

To apply you must fill out a form verifying your homes’ eligibility for the scheme. The form can be found online here.

To be eligible you must first live in a local authority that supports the scheme. Salfordians will be happy to hear that this includes them. Additionally, your home must have an EPC energy efficiency rating of D1, E, F or G.

The final requirement is that your household income must be less than £30,000 a year or your home receives benefits such as Universal credit, income support or a disability allowance.

The council will then provide a £10,000 figure to fit improvements in your house. To find out more you can phone 0333 202 4820.

What then?

A surveyor will come to view your house and check what improvements can and should be made. The scheme enables households to be upgraded with no cost and no strings attached – the funding is provided fully by the government.

From then a qualified installer will come and upgrade your home.

Under the scheme, you can get heating controls to help you control the temperature of your home and insulation for walls and lofts to keep the heat in.

Heating measures that use less carbon, like solar panels and air source heat pumps will also be applied.

Below is a full of measures available through the home improvement grant:



The grant is perfect for those looking to future-proof their home against future carbon restrictions. If you want to know more or sign up to the scheme, visit the E.ON website here.

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