National Face Your Fears Day

Salford residents have been discussing their fears and reminiscing on what they have overcome on National Face Your Fear Day.

Celebrated on the second Tuesday of October each year, National Face Your Fear Day is the perfect day to step out of your comfort zone and come to terms with your fears.

Today, Salford Now have been talking to Salford residents around MediaCityUK about their fears and ones they have managed to overcome.

Janet Brian admitted she has already come to terms with her fear, she said: “I don’t think I really have one anymore, I have probably overcome the fear of being on my own.

“I have been on my own for nearly five years, so I am used to it now.”

One Salford man believed he no longer had any fears, saying: “We have overcome everything. My wife had an accident and we overcome it, I had prostate [cancer] we have overcome it, so that is it – we just carry on.

“You have got to get on with it haven’t you and take life as it comes – remember that!

“What is the point in having fear, you have still got to do and get on with everything haven’t you.”

So, what are you afraid of? Spiders, small spaces and snakes are all some of the most common fears in the UK.

However, for one woman in Salford her fear is something a little different, she said: “I do feel I am getting older, and I just wish I was a bit younger again and it is hard to admit that.

“So, that is my fear, not getting old but not being able to do things when you do get older.

“I don’t think I have got any phobias, other than frogs!”

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