A Salford musician has been singing at the pavilion café in Buile Hill Park after finding it benefited her mental health.

Amber Garland writes her own acoustic music but struggled to perform in front of an audience before finding the park café.

Image credit: Katherine Dinsdale

She said: “I started coming here gradually and then something happened in my personal life that made me realise there’s no point in keeping things all to myself.

“I’ve played guitar for a long time, but I haven’t performed since I was a teenager. It seemed like a very welcome place and I actually felt some emotional safety for the first time since lockdown.”

Buile Hill park has become a community hub and a safe place for many people in Salford. It is home to many thriving projects like the Salford Croquet Club, growing togetherness and the Friends of Buile Hill Park.

Mark Frith a volunteer at Buile Hill Park said he hoped the green space would remain available for everyone.

He said: “I’ve experienced that rat race, working in the city. Driving forward all because I wanted a holiday, a car, a big house. What made me happy was being outside growing things, talking with people, sharing passions. Its lovely because you feel all the different emotions, the different senses.”

Image credit: David Dixon

The friends of Buile Hill park aim to create a community hub in the park that residents of Salford can enjoy.

Recruiting volunteer musicians hopes to encourage more people to come down to the café and get involved in community projects.

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