A Salford man has spoken of his gratitude to community organisations for providing hot meals whilst recovering from cancer.

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago, Graham Morgan experienced poverty first hand whilst dealing with his recovery during lockdown.

His diagnosis meant a change of circumstances and left him with £74 to spend weekly on essentials such as food, bills and housing.

Graham was often faced with the decision to eat or keep warm during the time when he was undergoing radiotherapy.

A community café in Salford recognised Graham’s struggle to access food due to having very little money and being fearful of the virus, and they delivered him home cooked meals.

Graham explained: “The community café made the home cooked meals and delivered them to me for me to freeze and reheat as I could please.

“During my recovery my immune system was shot to pieces, the food was a life line to me because I didn’t have to worry about going out or not having enough money.

“It was wonderful to know it was there and give me the nourishment I needed to recover.

“I would have never thought of myself living in poverty but I suppose I was, like the many thousands of people in this country unfortunately.”

image credits: Harriet Beddow

Figures show that Salford is the 18th most deprived region of 315 regions in England, with many people struggling to make the difficult decision between food, electricity and bills.

On Sunday, the community of Salford stood in solidarity for those effected by poverty. In an event at Buille Hill park, everybody in the local community and surrounding areas were welcome to come along for a free lunch, grab themselves a food parcel and take their seats at the table to help create the system change that’s needed.

Image credits: Harriet Beddow

Salford Poverty Truth Commission and Salford Food Parcels joined forces to help those struggling with poverty and educate others on what they could do to help.

Sloane Warbick from Salford Food Parcels said: “Some people view a warm meal as a luxury, it should not be a luxury it is a necessity

“Everyone should have access to food, regardless of your situation.

“If you are homeless, employed, young, old, whatever, you should have access to food.

“The community is working hard together to help reduce the concerning figures in the region but say more help is needed.”

Sarah Whitehead from Salford Poverty Truth Commission shares passionate views and explained: “It cannot be right that in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, that is the fifth largest national economy, we have some of the highest levels of inequality in Europe.

“Poverty is perpetuated by poor systems that drive people deeper into poverty and despair – it’s time for us to raise our voices.”


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  1. This was a great event, hosted by Buile Hill Mansion Association in the Sensory Garden in Buile Hill Park. Thanks to all who came to support.

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