AFC Monton host first ladies' football game

AFC Monton hosted their first ever ladies’ football game at the weekend as Worsley Wanderers took on AFC Bury Blue.

The team have recently found their new home ground at the club after having nowhere to play, and went on to win the game 7-1.

The inclusion of a women’s team, has long been in the pipeline and has finally come to fruition, much to the delight of the club and the community.

Kieran Rabbitt, chairman of AFC Monton, said: “This is the first ever women’s game at the club and it’s something that’s always been on our plan – to have a diverse set of teams.

“We were approached by one of the girls, Megan Glynn, because they were looking for a place to play.

“They had nowhere to go and it just satisfied both our aspirations. Everyone is delighted – certainly the rest of the club are – and long may it continue”.

The Worsley Wanderers are a grassroots women’s football team who are ‘all about empowering women and having a ball’.

They were founded to give young women the opportunity to play football with no experience and to play for fun, meaning anyone of any ability is welcome.

Rabbitt added: “The interesting thing with this team particularly, is because they’re so enthusiastic, I think people are attracted to enthusiastic people.

“Especially when they enjoy it – winning is important, but having fun is just as important, and I think that’s what we saw on Sunday.

“Interestingly, they’ve had to close applications to become part of the squad because they’re getting flooded with people wanting to join them.

“I think they have about 30 in their squad, which is fantastic, so I think it’s clearly enthused a lot of people and ensured people that there’s something there for them in their local community”.

AFC Monton are hoping to provide a 4G all-weather pitch equipped with flood lights in the future, which will allow the girls to play when nights become darker and will hopefully encourage more womens’ teams to be formed.

The need for local girls’ teams and a diverse range of opportunities is now as vital as ever, with Rabbitt adding: “Even if Coronavirus hadn’t have happened, I think we’re in a time when people want stuff to do. I think health and exercise is so important, even more so now coming out of the pandemic.

“If we can fulfil people’s ambitions by giving them a place to play, then people aren’t stuck at home and that’s probably the most important thing we can do right now.

“People want to be involved in something and I think it gives people that sense of belonging – social interaction is just as important as playing the game itself.

“From my point of view, I think that a community football club is the backbone of any community – what we do at the club isn’t just football.

“We’re in a good place to help people do stuff that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise”.

Worsley Wanderers are still looking for young women to get in touch and get involved as they continue to grow.

To join their team waiting list or for more information, visit

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