A Salford resident has written a song called “Salford” to parody a song by the Beautiful South called “Manchester”.

Bernie Shaw sings with a banjo in a YouTube video about all the celebrities and talent that has come from Salford.


Some of these include former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston as well as Robert Powell who was in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Bernie said : “Over the past couple of years Manchester has tried to suck Salford in.

“Salford has got more named performers than Manchester. I have a list of about 64.

“Manchester will never come near Salford, I wrote the song to kick Manchester a little bit.”


The 82-year-old has been a Salford resident all his life and has witnessed how it has changed over the years.

He plans to highlight the fact that Salford is a city independent from Manchester with his music.

He added: “So many famous artists from this area get lumped in with the Manchester lot and they don’t like it.

“I used to go to the Salford Lads Club and a dozen great names would come from there.”

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Salford lads club. Image credit: Google Maps

The infamous Salford Lads Club is known worldwide thanks to the Smiths taking a photo in front of the building for their album “The Queen is Dead”.

Yet many artists that originated in the Salford lads club are described in the media as being from Manchester.

Bernie believes Salford is slowly being erased from the map, thanks to being next door to Manchester.

He is also writing a comedic play about the talent that has come from Salford to celebrate the city’s culture.

If anyone would like to book Bernie for a gig, call 44 7926 134612

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  1. Hi Kathy. Thanks for the printed story. I do a talk on Salford’s history so if anyone would like to book me they can phone 0161 280 2960 and possibly enjoy something a bit different, with songs and all. I also have a 4 piece band with Banjo, Guitar, uke, and Sax that people might enjoy as it has strong Salford influences. Keep rocking on the journo beat Kath. Create your own style and I’m sure you’ll have a good writing career. Best wishes Bernie…. Ps. the story of me and Sir Paul Macca banjoing in London is waiting for you to write!

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