Police Officers charge into house after cutting and ramming the front door

Police Officers charge into house after cutting and ramming the front door

GMP Twitter becomes a flurry of Avro news.

Operation Avro, the latest force-wide police movement, went into effect this morning.

This was apparent on the Greater Manchester Police’s Twitter, which told the public that they will be seeing Operation Avro this week.


The cops delivered on their promise and recently social media has been alive with posts showing them in full raid gear busting down doors in Salford.

These raids were tied to reports of drugs and weapons in the properties.


Operation Avro is a new initiative that gives a different district in Greater Manchester a surge in new resources and specialist officers every month.


It is intended to be a highly visible operation. They intend for the public to see that they are responding to their concerns of crime.


Today, officers were given public briefings in Walkden and at the Lowry, which the public were allowed to attend. Read more about that here.


It is not just raids the police have conducted, they have cracked down on road crime too.



By the afternoon, a huge amount of criminal property had been recovered. Chief Inspector Mike Parker, Southern Commander for Operation Avro recorded a message for Twitter stating how much they had seized.


A total of 13 search warrants had been served, with 16 individuals being arrested. The police have recovered exotic animals, illegal drugs, cash and stolen property with also 9 uninsured vehicles being taken off the roads of Salford and Greater Manchester.


There’s more Operation Avro news coming from the Greater Manchester Police, so make sure to follow them on Twitter if you want to be kept updated:https://twitter.com/GMPSalford

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