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Meet the ‘Articulate Autistic Actor’ hoping to bag a role by advertising herself in Media City

An aspiring neurodivergent actress is putting up a billboard by Coronation Street at MediaCity with the hope it could get her cast in the programme.

Known as the ‘Articulate Autistic Actor’, Mariama Bojang, 27, wants the upcoming unveiling of her poster to provide opportunity for more roles like her first television credit in ITV’s Prey.

The Matt Zina Acting School student said: “I was contemplating what else I could do to develop my personal brand and my marketing scheme because I’ve been informed – and it is true – that good PR is as much part and parcel of a successful acting career as hard work and talent.

“I already upload to social media and email casting directors, but I thought ‘I think I need to do more than this… what else can I do to advertise myself?’#

For more information on Mariama Bojang click here


“It really will be great fun to watch” – Salford to host soap stars swapping stage for sport in charity game

A host of stars from the soap world will be in Monton this Sunday as a TV All Stars team are playing Sands United in a charity football game.

The All Stars team will feature actors from Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street, along with a series of potential former professionals such as Salford-born Liam Dickinson.

Former Manchester United stalwart Denis Irwin is also expected to play at New Alder Park on Sunday, where the game will kick off at 13:30.

They will be playing Sands United Stockport, a charity that work to reduce the number of babies dying and to improve care and support for anyone affected by the death of a baby.

For more information on the Charity Football Match, click here 


“It is really important for people to have a focus and to have a community” – Critchley Community Hub host annual fashion show

Members of a Swinton Community group came together on Friday to host their annual fashion show, with all proceeds going back into the organisation.

The Critchley Community Hub fashion show took place of Friday 29 October to encourage the Swinton community to buy second hand clothes and raise funds for the Hub and Age UK Salford.

Age UK Salford have been based in Critchley Community Hub in Swinton for over 40 years and support elderly people with the help of over 70 dedicated staff and 50 volunteers.

Jan McIntyre started visiting the Hub on her lunch breaks while working from home and took on a new occupation as a model for the event on Friday.

For more information on Age UK Salford, click here


Salford Now LIVE TV Program

Watch the Salford Now Television program on topics such as Age UK fashion show, sit down exercise classes and COP26 climate change

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“We’re typically Salford – we just on with and deliver results” – Salford to be centre stage at this year’s COP26 news conference

A director at Salford University says its research contribution is among the best in the world, prior to it being debated at the COP26 climate conference.

Director of strategic partnership at the University of Salford, Mike Brown, says the university is a world leader in key areas concerned with climate change mitigation or adaptation.

Research by staff and students at the university will be debated as the University of Salford is part of the COP26 university network.

To read more about Salfords role in the COP26 conference, click here 


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“There are a variety of myths that have grown up over time” – Professor Mike Wood hosts ‘Mythbusting Chernobyl’ lecture in Salford

The myths and misinformation surrounding the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster will be discussed at a free public lecture at the University of Salford this Thursday.

The lecture, hosted by the university’s Professor Mike Wood and paired with a ‘virtual reality exhibit’, aims to clarify the misconceptions of the world’s worst nuclear disaster and give “a very different perspective to the perhaps classical perspective that people have gained through media.”

Taking place in the Chapman building on the university’s Peel Park Campus, the event also incorporates a digital element, similar to the TEDx University of Salford Event earlier this year, with the lecture segment being live streamed to a virtual audience in real time.

For more information about the lecture, click here


“Many developers would shy away from a task such as this due to the implicated costs” – Property developer aims to remove flammable cladding from a building in Salford

Local property developer is looking to solve the cladding issues on a residential building next to Salford Quays.

Nabeel Mussarat wants to begin development on Quay House, the building he has purchased which sits directly opposite MediaCityUK.

The site has been sparsely populated for the last four years, with only 11 of the 41 apartments now being tenanted.

Part of his mission to revitalise various Greater Manchester locations, Mussarat is planning on fixing the problem with the cladding, after many developers have avoided it.

The residential building being located opposite MediaCityUK, home to the BBC, ITV and other major media organisations, means it would be of great use to local professionals.

For more information about the removal of the flammable cladding, read the article here


Salford Council will be helping individuals look for jobs or access to training on Wednesday 3rd November 2021. The event held outside of Asda in Swinton at 9:15 to 5pm gives opportunities to chat about jobs in Salford and give advice

For more information check out the Salford Council website 


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Top stories about, the universal credit uplift, the new residential block being built in Media City with Salfordians opinions on the disturbance it will cause and Salford Playwriter is hoping to raise awareness of carers.

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World Vegan Day: “The Wildlife is literally getting Burnt Alive. I think people in Salford have to understand that what happens here affects the planet as a whole”

1st November marks World Vegan Day, a day to annually celebrate veganism around the world.

Veganism is becoming more popular, according to Chemist4u, over 25% of 18–23-year old’s now follow a plant-based diet.

The team at Salford Wildlife have instigated a ‘Go Vegan Challenge’ in support of World Vegan Day 2021. They are offering a 1-day, 4-day and 7-day challenge, challenging the community of Salford to go Vegan.

For more information on vegan eateries around Salford click here


“The stigma that comes from art degrees is that all you can do is be an artist” – Fine art students on government plans to limit entry into university courses

The independent regulator for higher education is considering plans to limit the number of students studying creative art degrees and music as part of government spending review.

This July, the government confirmed it will be cutting funding for art subjects by 50% as a method to reduce its student loan debt of £140bn, as of last year.

The main reason the Treasury is eager to target creative art students and degrees is because the government believes these type of students are less likely to get graduate job opportunities, are studying lower salary producing courses, so they would be less likely to fully pay back their loans.

Smith uses art as a mode of therapy and to release emotions, which makes people wonder what artists would do, if they couldn’t convey their thoughts and emotions into their craft.

Read more about the government plans to limit entry into university courses here.



“Anybody can Join in and do some exercise and hopefully have some fun as well” – The Salford Energise Healthy living Centre introduce inclusive chair-based fitness classes.

The Energise Healthy living centre based in the heart of Salford, are holding chair-based fitness groups to help keep all of Salford any age or ability happy and healthy. 

The Energise Centre is a community centre in which community and voluntary organisations deliver health and wellbeing services, including a GP surgery.

Suzy Schwenk, a community development worker at the energise centre told us a little bit more about what classes they are offering, she said: “We are a healthy living centre and we run groups for the community, things to sort of help people stay active, so physical activity and healthy eating, lots of general well-being activities.”

Read more about chair-based fitness groups here 


“Safe environment for both mum and baby” – Salford venues join breast-feeding campaign to help mums

The 100th venue has joined the Be Open on Breastfeeding Salford (BOOBS) to allow local mothers to breastfeed openly.

Formed in 2014 by Visit from the Stork CIC, BOOBS is a community designed to support and empower mothers while giving them a safe space to breastfeed without judgment. 

Initially starting the campaign three years ago with the goal of reaching 100 Salford venues, the organisation has finally hit their target in October 2021. Hadfields Cafe in Pendlebury became the proud 100th venue to opt into the positive breastfeeding campaign. 

Read more about Salford venues join breast-feeding campaign here


“Being there in 2023 is unlikely” – Salford Red Devils owner on the difficulties of proposed move to Moor Lane

Rumours suggest that the move could end up costing the Red Devils over £2.2 million. Along with this, the SunSport reported the need for higher advertising hoards, lowering seating numbers below the required 5,000 for Super League.

This would require making the stands bigger and creating a terraced side, and this, along with other logistical issues make the move difficult for the Devils.

In the interview, King explained:

“We haven’t got the due diligence for Moor Lane yet. We don’t know how much it costs to turn the floodlights on.

“So, we’d have to do something about the stadium – I’m putting together a list including new floodlights, increased capacity and other things, plus this is how much it would cost to run it every year.”

Read more about the Salford Devils here


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Top stories about how Greater Manchester police have raided several homes this morning and how Greater Manchester police has pledged £100,000 to help tackle gun crime in Salford

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Following up from the previous tweet from Transport in Greater Manchester:

Greater Manchester has Tweeted that the Traffic signals at the junction of East Lancashire Rd & Walkden Rd, Worsley are now up and working.


Salford Nows afternoon television bulletin.

Don’t worry if you have missed the LIVE program, you can watch it here. Todays bulletin includes features Boris Johnsons in the COP26 Summit, COVID booster jabs and young people can have the opportunity to create a film on knife crime.

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“I literally had to wade through a river to get back home” – Flooding in Salford following heavy rainfall

The rainfall began at 4pm yesterday evening, before lulling later in the night, and continuing at 8AM this morning.

An orange flood warning has been placed around lower catchment areas of the River Irwell, with experts encouraging people to avoid travelling along low-lying footpaths and through areas with heavy rain.

The Met Office originally issued a flood warning to Greater Manchester last Friday, suggesting a high chance travel disruption.

The warning originally covered Lancashire and Cumbria but has since been extended across most of Greater Manchester.

For more information on flooding in Salford, check out the article here


“It’s fun fitness through cycling” All female BMXercise sessions launched in Little Hulton

Access Sport have started women-only BMX sessions at Peel Park Community bike track in Little Hulton, Salford.

BMXercise is a fun, friendly and fitness-based program developed by charity, Access Sport. Which aims to give women a new and enjoyable way to get fit.

The Salford BMX park was a collaboration between Access Sport and Velosolutions UK and has been built since June this year.

Having generated a lot of traffic already, Mike Power, CIO of Access Sport commented: “There’s over 5,000 people using the track a month on their own.

“We’re trying to make it accessible to the local community as much as we can.”

Read more about the All female BMXercise sessions launched in Little Hulton here


“There’s so much racket, it’s very stressful and upsetting for them” The fear Bonfire Night causes for our pets

For new owners the signs of anxiety can be difficult to spot and preventing them can be even trickier.

The RSCPA has also suggested ways of calming your dog during fireworks. These include the following:

  • Walk them during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off
  • Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks
  • Put on some music or tv to mask the firework sounds
  • Create a quiet space where your dog can feel in control
  • Create some hiding places around your home

For more information on calming your pets during firework season, read the article here 


Listen to the latest Salford Now radio Bulletin.

Top stories about The COP26 Summit in Glasgow and TalkTalk has supported a gymnastics in a goal.

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Transport for Greater Manchester warns drivers about traffic signals in Worsley:

More information will be posted shortly on the SalfordNow Twitter page 


Listen to the latest Salford Now radio Bulletin.

Top stories about start of COP26 leaders arriving in Glasgow in adtion to residents evacuating their home after am World War 2 bomb was found in a shed.

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“Just the prospect of what is going to happen to our planet if we don’t change anything, is scary” – How Salford is fighting against the climate crisis

The climate crisis has been an ongoing problem for many years, however with many people worried that we are running out of time, more groups and businesses such as Partisan and the Co-op in Salford, are joining in with doing their bit to fight against it.

Partisan Collective is a co-operative space for independent, DIY, cultural and political activities, and this autumn. they’ll be hosting a series of free community cinema events to encourage more people to fight for a change.

They will be showing ‘A Life on Our Planet’, followed by collective ‘zine’ making, and a discussion.

The sessions will take place on Saturday 6th November, Sunday 14th November, Saturday 20th November, and Sunday 5th December at Partisan Collective on Regent road, Salford.

To find out more on the climate crisis read the article here.


Rebecca Long-Bailey and Maxine Peake back The Dispensary in Walkden’s World Vegan Day event

The Dispensary, a zero-waste shop in Walkden, is holding an event on 1st of November for World Vegan Day.

World Vegan Day is designed to celebrate the benefits of veganism to the human body and the environment.

Fay Watts, who owns The Dispensary and is also a vegan, believes veganism is important and even the slightest lifestyle adjustment can help.

“There’s so many elements as to why I think veganism is important. Mainly, for me, it’s the sustainability element which is generally not spoke about (sic). There’s a lot that’s not said about it, like the carbon emissions from transport is less than the carbon emissions for animal agriculture.

“Everyone speaks about the climate crisis and climate change, but no one wants to speak about veganism and what it can do. We can all make a little difference.”

Read the article here to find out more about todays event!

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