Salford’s Four Sisters Distillery is set to release its own advent calendar this year – with a miniature bottle of gin behind each door.

A limited edition sugar plum gin will also be launched in time for Christmas together with stocking fillers, including miniature gin and mixer crackers and gift packages.

Since opening in 2017, the distillery has created a handful of seasonal gins at Christmas time in addition to the five main gin flavours, one signature gin and four flavoured gins for the four sisters, Kerry, Hayley, Kate and Lucy.

The eldest of the four Kerry, uses fresh ripe strawberries to create her strawberry gin. Second sister Hayley uses blend of botanicals with infusions of lime and thyme to create a lemon thyme gin. Kate’s gin of caramel expresso is focused roasted richness and smooth caramel. Youngest sister Lucy uses fusion of sweetness and aromatic citrus notes to create passionfruit and cardamom gin.

Lucy McAvoy, the youngest sister of the four, said: “The sisters all had full time jobs and their own lives to live. We were seeing that our brothers were doing well in their brewery and it gave us an incentive and an idea of what we could do as a four.

“When we did have time to stop and take a breath and actually discuss about it, we were actually all keen and we were ready for something new.”

The family of entrepreneurs all focus their products around alcohol, with their partner company, Seven Brothers, producing a brewery based in Salford. The Seven Brothers Brewery beerhouse based at media city sells all of The Four Sisters alcohol ranges for all to enjoy.

The Four Sisters gin is available to buy in a range of stores such as: Booths, Amazon, Master of Malt and Selfridges&Co. The sisters are excited to announce their products will be available to buy at their first Co-Operative when fully built in Media City.

The advent calendar is available to pre-order on the website.

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