Salford Cathedral to host a special ‘All Soul’s Requiem Mass’ this evening, featuring the choir singing the famous Fauré’s Requiem

The Requiem mass is an annual event held by Salford Cathedral every November and is to remember those we have lost in the past year.

Father Ignatius of Salford Cathedral said: “Its always on the 2nd of November. This is widely recognised across Catholicism as “All Souls’ Day”, we pray for all souls. Its a date that’s been set aside for centuries now.”

Fr. Ignatius went on to describe the history behind the significant event in the religious calendar: “On the first of November we celebrate the ‘Feast of All Saints.’ It is an annual celebration that the church host every year. On the second we celebrate all souls day and during this day we pray for all the departed relatives and friends that are no longer in our lives.”

All souls day originally was for reflecting on the souls that were in purgatory. But now the day is reserved to reflect upon all our lost friends and relatives.

Fr. Ignatius described the impact that mass and the church has on the local community: “I think that it benefits the community because all of the members in our parish are made up of people from Salford. It is the community that form the parish and I think the church as a whole provides people with guidance, in living a more fulfilling life.

At the moment the parish is made up of a wide range of postcodes, going as far as media city.”

“We pray for all from Salford and for anyone that has lost a friend or relative. Even if you can’t make it into church to pray you can give us the name of the person and we’ll pray for them and in this way this benefits everybody.”

This evenings Mass will also feature the Salford choir singing the classic Requiem by Fauré. A hymn that pays respect to the dead, composed between 1887 and 1890. Historically the Requiem is reserved for special events such as funerals or All Souls’ day. Listen to the Salford choir singing Requiem below.

To find out more about the Cathedral and the other events they host, visit the website here.

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