NaSTA Awards

QuaysTV and The University of Salford hosted the 48th annual National Student Television Association (NaSTA) awards this weekend, honouring students from around the country.

The awards were held on Saturday 6th November at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester and saw 20 student television stations from around the UK awarded.

With last years awards being online, the event was the first time since the pandemic began that NaSTA members could come together.

“It’s actually quite emotional seeing everyone in the same room,” said Chair of NaSTA Joe Wilmot, who explained that it has been 923 days since members have been able to be together.

Presented by Will Godley, the event saw Salford TV station and host of the evening, QuaysTV, awarded Best Cinematography.

Each category had five nominations that have been shortlisted from 100s of submissions. Taking Covid into consideration, Will explained: “This year, they are judging far more on the idea and execution of the entry rather than production value or editing.”

Joe added: “We always go for industry professionals; that’s 100% the best route to go down. We’ve had some fantastic names this year. Quite a lot of them are recurring people who are dedicated to helping NaSTA and what it’s all about. […] We always get these industry giants coming in, and what’s fantastic is that, because a different station hosts it each year, we get to see a new fresh batch of judges come through.”

© Jonna Rogers

The guests saw students and graduates from universities across the country travel to Salford.

Scarlett McCabe-Abel of EUTV said: “Everyone has been great. Everyone’s so friendly. It’s been really nice to meet people that do stuff that you do and [meet people from different all over the UK].”

Fellow nominee, Lizzy Laycock formally of ETV, added: “[I]’m actually just so thrilled to be here, and it’s work that I’ve done being looked at. I don’teven care if it wins, just the fact that it’s been looked at by [the judges].

© Jonna Rogers

“All these TV societies have done so well to keep, not only surviving, but thriving during covid, so it’s just nice that we get to treat ourselves.”

To watch the full live stream from QuaysTV of the event, click here.

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