Hamilton Davies Trust

Hamilton Davies Trust charity in Cadishead have been providing a range of grants and projects for the surrounding area since 2004.

Set up by Neil McArthur as a way to give back to his local area, the charity supports a variety of local projects enabling development from the community, with a small team working in house to help make the magic happen.

The charity say they invested £10.8 million to support the local district, with over £201,000 being granted to local projects across 2020/2021 according to their annual report. This includes a £60,000 grant to Manchester Tech Trust and £6,100 to the Rotary Club of Irlam.

Operations Manager Tony Prescott said: “There’s no-one who knows Irlam and Cadishead better than Hamilton Davies Trust.

“I would say that we are a major hub in the area. I think we’re the go to organisation and the community comes to us and trusts us. We play a really big part in the regeneration of the area, supporting the community in terms of our grant process.

“I think that with out influence and trust that the council shows us, they tend to come to us for decisions around Irlam and Cadishead.”

The charity focuses their grants within the four focus aspects they have for the local area; community, such as the aforementioned grant to the Rotary Club of Irlam, education, such as a £4,500 grant to Irlam Primary School for playground improvements, recreation, such as a £1,000 grant to Irlam Tigers FC for pitch hire and regeneration, such as a £186 grant for shop signs along Liverpool road.

The grant is considered by three trustees, with questions asked around longevity whether or not what the applicant wants to do will be beneficial for the locals.

Tony said: “We are a grant giving charity and ultimately community groups come to us for grants in order to keep Irlam and Cadishead going and to improve their way of life.

“Myself and Allison Blackwell will go out to the community that has brought us the grant request and go ask them various questions to ensure what they’re doing will be beneficial.

“We might say well you know what with this little bit here we can then make it bigger and a collaborative working effort. I think that’s a big part of everything we do anyway.”

HDT, as it’s known locally, also provides support for local projects, with volunteers this week filling Livepool Road’s Irlam and Cadishead stretch with poppies in order to remember those fallen in war.

Poppies on Liverpool Road. Copyright: Jacob Teagle

Another project that HDT have rebooted is the CHAINS project, whereby they provide school children as well as those in need with old bicycles, fixed by rehabilited workers in the nearby prison.

Tony said: “They mentioned they looked to put bicycles that have comeback into themselves, that have obviously been made safe, then put back out to charity. We have a really good relationship there.

“We go to the community and we ask if there’s any old bicycles that they’ve got, can we have them, we send them to the prison and then ultimately they then come back and we distribute them out”.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton Davies Trust collaborated with the Jaimie Horricks Trust to yet again provide for the local community. Together, they gathered 60 volunteers to produce over 30,000 masks and visers for the NHS staff who were working at the time.

Tony said: “It felt like war time, the way people came together.

“It just shows that people around Irlam and Cadishead do support these things”.

As a charity, Hamilton Davies Trust is always looking for assistance in contributing to the local community, something Tony says the people of Salford can do by volunteering.

He said: “Volunteering, it’s a key thing for me, is the amount of people that wanted to volunteer. Whether that’s something little like litter picking, just getting involved.”

You can volunteer at the Hamilton Davies Trust by visiting their website or calling on 0161 222 4003.

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