With November coming to an end, everyone is looking towards the holiday season full of festivities and excitement. However, for many in areas such as Salford it is one of the toughest times of the year.

Homelessness is an ever-present issue in the city of Salford and Greater Manchester as a whole and with Christmas being one of the most financially challenging periods in the year, homeless people have no help but the generosity from local charities.

One of these charities is Loaves and Fishes, Salford who are a local charity that help get peoples lives back on track and help combat poverty in salford. They help with advice in housing, support for food, finances, health, accommodation and benefits.

Jonathan Billings from Loaves and Fishes told us that: “We’re an open door drop in resource centre for anyone at all really who’s over eighteen.

“We have a free meal service every day and we give out things like clothing and other practical assistance like toiletries and the food banks operate with us. We provide services to people who are sleeping homeless and who are in temporary accommodation looking to move up the property chain.”


There is a large gap in gross weekly earnings for those who live in Salford in comparison to the national average and nearly 7,200 people living in Salford are without work. However, charities like Loaves and Fishes help get struggling people on the right track and give them the support needed to get them back on their feet.

Loaves and Fishes have several plans to help combat the chaotic holiday season including providing dinners. Billing told us a bit about their plans: “We’re running a Christmas dinner campaign and people can donate 5 pounds that can go towards a meal and gifts for people on Christmas day. Over the Christmas period we’re going to be providing hundreds and hundreds of meals”.


The work Loaves and Fishes do needs support to be able to help those who need it most. So, if you want to help someone this Christmas with donations or voluntary work please contact Loaves and Fishes Salford at 01617378775 or contact them through their website.

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