Media City’s interactive Van Gogh experience reviewed badly as visitors describe it as “totally overpriced”.

By Joely Massey

Salford’s Media city recently opened a temporary interactive Van Gogh experience which opened on the 22nd of October this year, providing an insight into the artists work.

Van Gogh Alive, positioned outside the ITV building, is set to be open until January 31st giving people a long time to be able to go and see it.

It gives the audience a multi-sensory experience which allows them to see the art in a more emotional way.

However, since the opening customers have been unhappy with their visit and mixed reviews have been left throughout social media, with 25 people rating it 2 stars out of 5 on Facebook, bringing the overall rating down to 3.8.

Visitor Nichole Renee recently attended the Van Gogh experience and wasn’t pleased.

She explained that: “Some elements were good, the bedroom recreation, the sunflower room but for the most part it was busy and uncomfortable with very little to see.

“It was very overpriced and overhyped.

“I think an increase in the interactive elements, many more seats for the show and a lot fewer people in each time”

However there have also been many positive reviews which note how immersive the experience is. The attraction was also praised for the use of audio and lighting.

The experience has also been in places such as London and other locations and also received mixed opinions, leaving customers confused.

It allows visitors to see Van Gogh’s famous art pieces, with different lights and sounds on show as they walk through. For the experience, it costs £23.50 for adults and £16.50 for children over 5.

With tickets selling quickly, the experience is sold out or has limited availability almost everyday, leaving customers complaining that it’s overcrowded.

However it continues to attract large crowds everyday, with people queuing outside and using the food vans and shops available around the experience.

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