The Eagle Inn on Collier Street, Salford is providing free acoustic music to the public via its “Sunday Best” show.

Sunday Best is a curated acoustic music night run by musicians Robin Melinda and Hannah Ashcroft. Every Sunday the Eagle Inn gives a platform to lesser known performers and invites the public to enjoy their music in a relaxed and intimate environment.

When asked about the event, Robin Melinda said: “Me and Hannah have supported each other as musicians for a long time.

“We both had experience running events and we wanted to have an event that was a bit more open to musicians who may be overlooked at some of the larger shows in Manchester.

“Other open mic events in the Manchester didn’t seem very open, so we’re actively seeking those who might be feeling too shy to put themselves out there.

“I’m hoping that, as Sunday Best is an event run by women, that female musicians can rely on us to be an approachable way to share their music with the public.

“I work with Hannah when running the event and she’s got her own projects alongside a full time job and a university degree in music. Even though we’re both busy we’re a really good team, I want to emphasise how incredible she is as well!”

Robin is a classically trained violinist who is currently recording an EP. You can listen to her discuss her musical history here:

Esther Maylor who runs the Eagle Inn said: “I’ve been at the Eagle Inn for almost 10 years, it was a very different pub when I first got it. There was no music venue initially, my vision was always to bring music to the pub.

“I moved to Salford to do a music course at Salford University, so Salford has always been my local community.

“I think that over the years we’ve built up a good musical community at the Eagle. I see us as a part of the wider Salford music scene, it helps to be so close to Manchester City Centre too.”

We’re an  official grassroots venue, a part of the Music Venue Trust. Our aim is to keep cost low but to keep a high quality experience for bands who are starting out.

“I’m particularly pleased with Sunday Best, we’ve been wanting an open mic night for years!

“With it being free to attend it gives back to the local community, it created a really welcoming atmosphere. I’m really

Picture of 2 musicians at the Eagle Inn. Taken by Thomas Bryer.

pleased with Robin and Hannah for bringing in so many high quality artists.”

Sunday Best takes place every Sunday at the Eagle Inn. Admission is free and the show lasts for roughly 2 hours.



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