A new family business based in Walkden selling advent calendars is preparing for its first Christmas of trading after being open just under six months.

Seven Yays makes advent calendar for birthdays and any special occasions, with the recipient receiving six smaller gifts then a large one in door number seven.

Andrew Staal, creator and owner of Seven Yays, says the company is gearing up for its first Christmas since opening on 1 June this year.

“We’re intrigued because we’ve never been through it before,” said Andrew. “We are trying to go into it preparing for a really busy time by getting enough stock.”

“We are trying not to go to overboard especially at Christmas because if you buy too much stock its hard to get rid of it in the new year.

“We are prepared for an uplift and are looking forward to seeing what happens and to learn and get better prepared for Christmas 2022.”

The idea of Seven Yays began as a lockdown baby when owners, Andrew and Charlotte Staals’ eldest daughter Anna asked why we didn’t have advent calendars for birthdays. The family began the journey of the business, testing prototypes and products.

The company has create your own boxes and ready-made boxes with a new range and stock here for Christmas.

Andrew said: “We launched three ready made Christmas boxes, which was: Seven Days of Christmas spirits, seven days of Christmas cosiness and seven days of Christmas treats. You can also create your own from all of our Christmassey Yays.

“What we have actually now done this week is launch our surprise Christmas box. Most of our boxes are bought as gifts, but we have noticed on social media and in reviews that people wish for somebody to buy them a box.

“So we are offering a surprise Christmas box so people can treat themselves for a week.”

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