The Purple Lounge, in Walkden, plans to celebrate Christmas with an Elvis Presley Tribute by well-known performer Darren Lee.

Mohammed Msum Mk Miah, 18, is the owner of Purple Lounge and the one who managed to bring this tribute act and many other classics like, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson, to the restaurant.

He said: “Between September to December we always do this every year where we have celebrations like upcoming artists, because obviously Elvis is not alive, Michael Jackson is not alive, or any of the classic, but it’s just the fun and atmosphere that everyone loves.

You know, someone working hard trying to make everyone smile, and also for us, giving that person the chance to make people happy.”

Mohammed Msum Mk Miah, the owner of Purple Lounge. Image credit: Mel

Darren Lee has been called the number one Elvis Tribute artist in the world, with multiple awards, including winning the World Elvis Championship in Memphis and shows all around the world, the Purple Lounge is excited for his performance next month.

Mohammed said: “So, before we had this tribute called Patelvis, he is the Indian Elvis, and so far he is the best tribute we have ever had. He is not replaceable but we have Elvis in, so we are happy and excited for that.”

The Purple Lounge has already managed to get multiple performances and tributes to the restaurant, when talking about securing these artists Mohammed said: “We have to go to the Internet and check what’s popular, what everyone likes at the moment.

“So booking someone in for an event is very hard thing to do because we have to make sure that everyone likes it and that it be good for family, it be good for couple, and it be good for old costumers.”

Purple Lounge also prides itself in its dedication not only to provide to customers, but also on their less well-known and independent performers like Beth Singh.

The owner explained how the restaurant aims to give all artists a chance to shine and to perform, giving voices to well-known performers that any family could enjoy, and also to independent artists that are new to the restaurant’s audience.

In previous years, because of lockdown, such events had to be closed, with performances being cancelled, the restaurant had to start doing deliveries.

Purple Lounge in Walden Town Centre

Mohammed said: “During Covid, the restaurant was closed, the only thing we were surviving on was doing takeouts… it was a struggle for this restaurant alone, it was a very big struggle, we have never done deliveries.”

After Covid, their aim is to go give clients not only good service but a good experience as well.

The Elvis tribute is happening on the 15 of December, with bookings still available on Purple Lounge’s page.

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