A woman who started an initiative to raise awareness of people with visible and non-visible disabilities will host a discussion about the experiences of disabled people.

She will be presenting the event called A Voice Before Xmas. at 1pm on December 15.

This event happens once a month and circles around different topics. The upcoming one will be based on the experiences of four members of the community last Christmas and how they see their Christmas going this year. They will also be sharing their concerns relating to the new strain of Covid.

Stephanie Marie Yates, who has worked with the Salford Information Advice and Support Services, is partnering with Disability Stockport, a disability organisation in the Stockport area.

“I want to be the voice of public campaigns like the NHS, local authorities, charities, disability things, mental health things because I am very passionate about what they speak about,” she said.

Yates, who was born with cerebral palsy and a physical disability called cerebral palsy spastic diplegia that affects both her arms and legs, started the Butterfly Princess initiative in the middle of the first lockdown in 2020.

The initiative started off as a hobby called Butterfly Princess Business Vlogs in 2018 in which Stephanie helped businesses, especially local business in the Greater Manchester area with their advertisements. However, because of Covid some businesses closed down. This birthed the idea of the Butterfly Princess Send initiative.

She started this platform in order to help others with visible and non-visible disabilities and speak on topics concerning sex, relationships and other topics that aren’t openly discussed most times regarding disability or disabled people and she started, Stephanie has received a lot of recognition. She has become a social media champion for Disability Stockport, which is a disability organisation in the Stockport area.

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