On Tuesday 14th December, Lower Kersal Social Club will display a range of art from a group of young photographers.

The exhibition, called “Pint Glass Perspectives”, aims to document the community feel and the atmosphere of the surrounding area of the club.

The exhibition is being hosted by a group of photography students and offers cheap drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

Lower Kersal Social Club is located on Stamford Road in Kersal, one of the hosts of the event, Daisy Roberts said “it’s a venue with a lot of history.”

Daisy was keen to praise the strong community feeling of the social club.

She said: “The locals that spend the majority of their time in there are in there pretty much every day of the week, so they live around going there and being with the rest of the community.

“They all know each other and it’s a really warm place, as soon as you walk in everybody is really friendly.”

The purpose of the event is to express artwork which people can relate to and they encourage people to go down to the social club and enjoy a drink with the locals.

Daisy commented: “We sincerely hope we can exhibit some work that you find relative or can associate with past or present experiences.”

The event is free of charge and takes place between 12pm and 10pm Tuesday 14th.

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