Following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on booster jabs on Sunday, the people of Salford have had their say about the Covid vaccine.

One man who booked his booster jab at the vaccine clinic in Little Hulton today said he had done so ’cause of the new virus, Omicron, that’s starting’.

Another woman said she was ‘very keen’ to get her booster jab today as she works at a hospital.

She explained: “I was meant to get it done a month ago, but I ended up having Covid.”

On the contrary, Katrina Williams has not had a first, second or booster dose of the Covid vaccine.

She said: “I believe, in a way, they’ve not been properly tested because to make a drug and clinical trials, it, at least, takes about 10 years, and I feel like they’ve rushed it.

“Boris can have a party, and they tell everyone else to social distance and don’t be with your family at Christmas, and they’re having a Christmas party, so up to Boris!”

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