A Yoga instructor has started teaching yoga classes in Salford for pregnant women.

Jenny Perrie has been practicing yoga for 12 years and teaching classes for 5 years. She has recently been running classes for pregnant women in Salford every Tuesday at the Roebuck pub function room, in Urmston from 6pm till 7pm.

Jenny was attending dance school when she first discovered her love for yoga she said: “My breath work was much better and my mind was much calmer. Eventually my love for yoga took over and that was where my focus went.”

After training for two weeks in Fuerteventura Jenny became a qualified yoga teacher.

But what are the benefits of yoga?

The physical benefits include increased flexibility, muscle strength, respiration and energy, balanced metabolism, blood flow and athletic performance.

Perrie said: “I think it’s really beneficial for especially westernised women, not talking about the women in Asia, they don’t work at desks all the time, they don’t sit on chairs that compromise their posture, so we have to work in a very specific way.

“A lot of people see yoga as flexibility or strength only and say ‘oh I can’t do it, I won’t be good at it because I’m not flexible!’ that’s not the case at all.”


Jenny, who is pregnant herself, explains how yoga is beneficial for pregnant women: “We’ll Encourage blood flow to the brain with gentle movements as we’ll roll the neck and the shoulders, we’ll do some side stretches that will be releasing serotonin which is your happy hormone when you feel calm, that’s what we’re stimulating to calm the ladies down and get them in a nice peaceful frame of mind.

“It’s like enjoying a nice little high, you feel nice and safe, but we’ll do just gentle movements which counter acts what the body does that would be extra weight gain.

“We live in such a fast-paced world everything is now, go and everything is done yesterday. There’s too much stress and adrenaline running around the body which is so counter intuitive for a pregnant woman and the best environment for that human is to be happy to be in a calm environment and to be stress free.”


So, if you’re looking to better yourself and your baby’s health or even make new friends, Jenny can be found on Instagram @jen_jiiyoga or on Facebook under Jiiyoga.

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