Chelsea Entwistle

A Salford artist is working to celebrate the city, leading local councillors to praise her efforts.

Chelsea Entwistle, 31, began illustrating Salford throughout lockdown, focusing on historical buildings, as well as modern developments.

After being encouraged to pursue her interest in art by partner, Glenn Davies, Entwistle began to experiment with her art. She said: “I did art through school, but it was lockdown which led me to start taking it more seriously.

“I intend to capture the good side of things. I want to capture the real parts of Salford, and what we are known for, which isn’t always the best. It’s a fantastic city.”

Image Credit: Chelsea Entwistle

Entwistle has captured modern buildings such as Briar Hill Court, MediaCityUK and Pendleton Police Station, alongside the city’s past, from Smiths of Salford to The Kandy Kabin.

She said: “It’s about the change in Salford and looking through the photos online of the past 30, 40 years, you can really see it.

“We don’t seem to be taught in school the history of our local area, so hopefully, this will help bring that out, especially like Salford Docks.”

The Salford-born artist began to share her work via Instagram and Facebook, with locals sharing stories and memories in the comments. She followed: ““I was really shocked about the reception online. That’s one thing which scared me for a while about posting.

“When I started getting the comments about memories, it’s just been really nice to hear.”

Since gaining reception online, Pendleton and Charlestown councillors, John Warmisham, Michele Barnes and Wilson Nkurunziza made the Christmas edition of ‘Briar Hill Court’ print their online Christmas card.

Warmisham said: “I think her art captures something of the spirit of Salford, old and new.

“It brings back memories of some of the old buildings/pubs, and [is] a tongue in cheek approach in relation to the biggest eyesore in Salford, Briar Hill Court, decked in fairy lights.”

About the online Christmas card, Entwistle said: “I was really shocked again, he [Cllr John Warmisham], messaged me and asked if he could use it and I was so so shocked. I’ve been given new ideas of places to paint.”

2022 is set to see Entwistle create two album covers for local musicians, including ‘Na0161’. They said: Chelsea is an incredible, credible artist. As an artist she creates the ambiance of the area she is painting which allows the viewer to be transported to that exact moment in time.”


As well as this, Entwistle hopes to begin planning her own exhibition. She added: “It’s more the support from my partner, Glen, and going out and buying me more paints. Just sort of putting it in front of me and I don’t think I would have done it on my own.”

For more information on Chelsea Entwistle’s work, visit her Instagram page.

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