The use of reindeers for entertainment has been described as ‘absolutely disgraceful’ by Salford Animal rights group.

The group, who is made up of over 700 members, have called for events to stop putting on reindeer displays.

A member of the group, named Hartley Hare on Facebook, said: “Reindeers are animals who become easily stressed and suffer from exposure to humans. They are enslaved in an alien habitat, where their primary use is to make money.

Then added, “I compare it to an elephant suffering in festivals, the lights and noise cause them massive mental and physical trauma and all for human demand.”

The conditions reindeer are kept in, and how they are treated are highlighted as ‘meet Santa experiences’ and Christmas parades are put on across the country during the festive holiday.

However, with the joy of Christmas, many overlook and turn a blind eye to issues such as habitat, treatment and fail to think about what happen to the reindeer during the other 11 months of the year.

Salford Animal Rights group explain this as animal exploitation which they compared to animals in a circus.

Many believe that this is an outdated tradition which ‘has no place in the 21st century.’

Group member, Mary Parker, said: “Exploiting animals is not acceptable. [Christmas] fairs throughout Salford are exploiting these beautiful animals and it makes my blood boil.”

Reindeer in a pen at a Salford Community Christmas fayre on Saturday.

Many agree that this isn’t for children but rather a money-making scheme.

Brock Watcher stated: “Where there’s money to be made, it will continue.”

With Kim Gavan adding that “They are exploited for profit.”

Many members of the group acted in signing a petition to stop the use of live reindeer by Baguley Athletic FC which took place on Saturday.

The petition for the event which took place in Sale, called for them to ‘cancel this cruelty’ as the busy event was not a suitable environment and the reindeer were placed in ‘tiny enclosures’ the petition states.

Sharon Lawrence said: “I hate to see this, no fun for the animals and [there is] never anywhere that they can go and hide. Not for me [and] my kids hated seeing this sort of thing.”

Cath Travis described this as “Defiantly exploitation putting animals out of their comfort zone for the amusement of people. This should be banned.”

An investigation by the organisation Animal Aid, found that reindeer that were used in Christmas displays suffered health problems such as raw exposed skin, skeletal abnormalities, and diarrhoea alongside being kicked.

Members of Salford Animal Rights group believe that there is plenty of other ways people can celebrate Christmas.


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