Covid Plan B measures

Salford businesses are being affected by the new Plan B measures with mandatory vaccine passports and further restrictions implemented.

The UK introduced Plan B measures on the 8 December and have urged citizens to work at home. By implementing the Plan B strategy the government are trying to battle the new Omicron variant.

Boris Johnson held a press conference Wednesday evening; despite the backlash the conservative party has had since the leaked video of the Christmas parties they had last year during a public national lockdown.

The Seven Brothers Brewhouse in Media City only opened in May and are yet again facing more Covid restrictions on their business.

Joe Mort the manager said, “If we go into another lockdown, it will fully stop us from serving people.

“If it is like it was the first or the second time, they will shut all the bars again so the staff will go back on furlough again.”

Video by Libby Baker

Many bars and clubs are now afraid that they will loose their customers due to the new restriction’s, revealed Joe Mort.

He said: “[When the Seven brothers opened after the lockdown], people were kind of scared to come to bars.”

Audio by Libby Baker

Although, many businesses are still using the stay-at-home policy to prevent crowded offices it has been advised by the government that from the 13 December people should work from home to stop Covid from spreading.

Work at home regulations will affect many businesses in media city, as their businesses thrive from office customers, with less people now in offices there are worries that trade will begin to go downhill again.

For the hospitality sector this means they will have to improve their security checks for Covid passports.

Another Salford business affected is the Tasty Greek at Media City, located on the ‘Box on the Docks,’ space it specialises in traditionally greek cuisine.

The owner of the Tasty Greek said, “the lunchtime trade here is provided by people attending their business or workplace.”

Video by Olivia Ridgeway.

The new rules implemented under Plan B:

– Covid passports will be required from Wednesday 15 December in England to be able to entre some indoor and large outdoor venues for example cinemas and football matches.
– This can also include proof of vaccination or proof of negative lateral flow test. The NHS covid pass will act as a certificate, there are also exemptions for those unable to get double jabbed.

Covid passports will also be required for:
– Access to nightclubs
– Access to indoor events with more than 500 attendees.
– Access to outdoor setting with more than 4,000 people.
– Access to all settings with more than 10,000 attendees.

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