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The number of people on the waiting list for operations over the years has seen a significant rise in 2021.

Doctors and nurses have been pushed by the government to get their vaccinations, and are threatened with the sack if they do not want to take it.

Underfunding has led to over 5,000 NHS beds being cut during the pandemic when they are most in need.

The fear of Covid breakouts in doctor’s offices meant that doctors would only see people for emergency appointments and would prefer to give telephone consultations unless absolutely necessary.

All these factors caused over 700,000 cancer treatments to be missed and 75,000 excess home deaths.

One lady, in particular, has voiced her distress on Twitter.


Someone responded saying: “I know it’s an unpopular opinion but surely it’s the governments’ job to protect the NHS – clearly they haven’t been doing that for the last 12 years because we are the poor relations compared to many health services across Europe.”

Another response was: “The government isn’t protecting us. The NHS can only do what it can, what it is resourced to do. It can’t deal with any of its challenges as it is being set up to fail, so we accept private investment.”

Boris Johnson’s stated in his speech: “We’re beginning the biggest catch-up program in the history of the NHS, increasing hospital capacity by 110%, and enabling 9 million more appointments, scans, and operations.

I have to level with people – waiting lists will get worse before they get better, but compared with before Covid, by 2024/25 our plan will allow the NHS to aim to treat 30% more patients who need elective care – like knee replacements or cancer screening.”

By increasing hospital capacity by 110% hopefully, the huge backlog will be sorted out by as soon as 2024.

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