Members of the public around Salford have been taking to social media expressing their anger on the cutting down of trees, with more than 25 disappearing in one day according to one Facebook post.

In 2020, Salford city council agreed to more than 100 trees being felled to make room for more warehouses along the Manchester Ship Canal towards Irlam.

With climate change being a huge problem right now, Salford residents are angry and have taken to social media to express their views.

Angie Entwistle said: “I think it’s appalling, why can’t they design the buildings around the trees.

“If they’re cutting down trees, yet acknowledge there is a climate crisis, then they should recruit someone appropriate to advise them. Trees are essential as they help clean the air.

“Big cities can help by providing green areas, planting trees, providing safe walkways that are pleasant. Promote things such as making gardens, planting fruit and vegetables.”

Entwistle also said: “We could assist in providing homes with cleaner fuel and heating, and encourage schools to inform the pupils about the local environment.”

Trees are a big part of what helps the climate and assists with clean air, however, growing trees takes many years therefore them being cut down angers the public.

Big cities and residential areas are very responsible for the cutting down of trees which is why people rely on national parks and gardens.





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