The current rise in cost of energy prices could impact Salford residents more than ever following a recent announcement by Ofgem, stating that there will be an energy price cap rise of 54% on the 1st of April.

In 2019 Salford was ranked the 18th most deprived local authority area in England (out of 317) compared to 22nd most deprived in 2015.

It remains the third most deprived district in the city region according to the Gov website.

Government plans

The government has enacted plans to help soften the blow for residents in areas like this.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has recently announced a £350 cash boost by the government. This will start with an upfront discount of £200 and a further £150 rebate for residents in council tax bands A-D.

According to data collected by NationalWorld, this will include around 111,739 households in Salford.

What is being done by energy companies?

In a press release by Electricity North West it was announced that they will also be contributing to the help by proposing a 5.5% decrease for its consumers during 2023-2028.

Electricity North West stated: “we want to ensure customers not only get value for money, but a network which will power them for many years to come.”

Despite this, some energy companies are turning the other way and still opting for a price rise.

One Salford resident commented “Octopus Energy estimates my energy bill for next year to increase by 33%.”



Impact on residents

The ONS states that ‘the wholesale price of gas (system average price) in January 2022 was almost four times higher than in early 2021, with large rises since summer 2021.’

And that the ‘financial year ending in 2020, saw the poorest 10% of households spent more than half (54%) of their average weekly expenditure (£298.90) on essentials such as housing (including electricity and gas), food and transport.’

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