Private Lives, a story of a bitter divorced couple finding themselves in unlucky yet surprising circumstances, is coming to the Lowry theatre.

The play features the Olivier Award-winning Patricia Hodge and BAFTA-nominated actor Nigel Havers as the main romantic and comedic duo.

The play is the inaugural piece for The Nigel Havers Theatre Company, which will tour the country with a continuous, yet unique line-up of classics shows from theatre history.

Privates Lives created by Noël Coward in 1930, is about the quarrel of a divorced couple and how even when trying to move on to new relationship, they still find themselves tangled and tied to each other.

Dugald Bruce-Lockhart (Victor) and Natalie Walker (Sybil) in Private Lives by Noel Coward at the Lowry Theatre Credits: Lowry Flickr

However, the play puts a comedic spin in this rather cliché trope of “couple getting together again”, as the protagonists interrupt each others’ honeymoon by coincidently booking in the same hotel and in adjacent rooms.

Initial shock quickly vanishes as the duo reignite the chemistry lost years ago.

Private Lives, with its drama, romance, and comedy, is currently playing at Lowry from 15 until the 19 of February, tickets can still be booked here.

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