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Salford Mayor Paul Dennett took to Twitter to share a letter of “support and solidarity” to the UK’s Ukrainian ambassador Vadym Prestaika.

The letter began: “We have been appalled by the shocking news of the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and wanted to contact you to extend our support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people at this time, on behalf of the people in Salford.”

On February 21, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, recognised the two self-proclaimed states in the Donbas, which is a small region on the eastern edge of Ukraine, and sent troops to these territories.

Three days later he launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Dennett spoke of the importance of the Ukrainian people at home and abroad knowing that cities such as Salford are strongly condemning the hostile actions taken against Ukraine.

He said: “We join others in urging President Putin to end the invasion now and commit to finding an urgent peaceful way forward.”

The Salford community is offering support by having the City Hall lit blue and yellow in solidarity with Ukraine and flying the joint Union Flag and Ukrainian friendship flags in days to follow.

As well as this, the Embassy of Ukraine’s global support fund was publicly communicated, encouraging elected members, members of staff, and residents to support this fund.

President Putin’s arguments for attacking Ukraine are seen as false and irrational by many.

He claims he attacked in order to “demilitarise” and for the “de-Nazification” of Ukraine.

From the beginning of the full-scale attack to the present day, there have been over 3000 casualties to this war between both troops.

Councillor Dennett urges Vadym Prystaiko to contact if further support is needed for the Ukrainian people.

Find out more about statistics for the war so far here.

Donate to the support fund here:



March in London. Gary Knight via Flickr. Image under public domain

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