Commuters in East Salford have been hit with delays and public transport cancellations due to the large-scale roadworks for ‘bus lane improvements’.

The works are taking place on Broad Street, including the Fredrick Road junction next to Salford University.

The construction began in October 2021 with pedestrian crossing closures, but it is only now that the people of Salford are feeling the extent of the road works, with lengthy pedestrian diversions as well as the Wallness, Broad Street bus stop being out of use since the beginning of February.

The bus stop is used for some of the most popular services across Greater Manchester such as the 50,38 and 37.

These services travel from Salford into Manchester city centre with the 50 finishing in Salford Quays.

Wallness, Broad Street bus stop coned off

These routes travel to places with high job density meaning the changes to public transport caused by these roadworks are directly affecting commuting Salfordians.

Salford commuter Josie Wilnard wants more communication from the council due to the disruption the works have caused.

“I think they should be communicating with us more, because it’s been going on a really long time.”

She added, “It’s affecting my time in the day because I have to walk further for the bus so the journeys taking longer.

“Nothings even happening at the bus stop so we just want clarity.”

Councilor Mike McCusker has come out to clarify the purpose of the works. He said:

“The Salford Bolton Network Improvement scheme is about improving bus reliability to get them to their destinations quickly and easily. The more reliable the buses, the more people will choose them to get around which will help to ease congestion on the roads.

Councilor McCusker also responded to the public criticism regarding the Broad Street bus stop, “The pedestrian crossing nearby is temporarily closed as part of the works so, to deter people from risking dashing across a very busy road, the bus stop has also been closed for now.”

He continued to issue an apology but no real indication of the duration of the works was indicated, “We apologise for the temporary inconvenience.”

The council’s statement gives hope for an improved public transport system, but for now, it looks like commuters will be disrupted for the foreseeable future.


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