Two Salford students will swim the virtual equivalent of Ukraine aiming to create funds to buy vital resources for its people.

Emily Kippax and the UCLAN swim team have set up the event in response to the recent conflict in the country, and are urging people to donate to their cause.

The 14 member strong team consists of people from all over Manchester, and will swim the equivalent of 346.4 miles, which is estimated to be 203 hours of swimming, and 22 thousand lengths.

They will take place at Fulwood Leisure Centre and West View Better Health Leisure Centre, both in Preston.

Kippax and Salford born Rebecca Dawson spoke about the events aims and motives:

“I don’t think we’ll ever be prepared you just have to go for it really.

“But we have started training. We train three times a week anyway but we started the actual miles yesterday.

“We did a mile yesterday to get the technique right and figure out how to fit it around our studies.”

The fundraiser will go to The British Red Cross Society to pay for “medical supplies, food, water and shelter” and will be for not only “the heroic, injured soldiers, but innocent civilians”.

Salford born Dawson said: “There are people in the Ukraine that have to travel that far to be safe.

“If they have to one way then we can do this by swimming, it just felt right to do that”.

The swim will start on Friday 11th March and will aim to be finished by the end of March.

They explained how the team spirit will be the driving force to them getting through, as well as knowing they are doing it for those suffering.

Dawson furthered that saying:

“It’s for a good cause that’s what we’ve got to remember, we’re doing it for people that really need our help.”

People can donate by clicking the JustGiving link here.

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