Considering recent events, the price of fuel is set to increase yet again with the average petrol price in Salford being 144.8p/litre*.

The RAC has said that the average price of petrol jumped to £1.51 a litre on Sunday (27 February), while diesel increased to £1.55. This increase occurred after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which continues to affect global oil prices.

One resident, 69 and widowed, claimed that “A 33% rise in fuel costs will be impossible to afford as I just about break even.”

As Salford is one of the most heavily vehicle populated places in the UK, it is not a shock that residents will face the impact of the rise in fuel costs.

The rising cost of living increased massively throughout the pandemic when the impact of energy costs was felt the most.

Travelling became less of the norm making the fuel cost crash from 123.8p February of 2020 to 118.1p in January 2020.

The cost of petrol per litre has now risen to 152.95p in 2022 and is set to get higher.
Salford is one of the cities that are aiming to reduce carbon emissions and have already successfully done so.

According to the Salford Gov website, the total CO2 saving via the Carbon Management plan up to end of December 2019 was 59% – equivalent to a reduction of 21,777 Tonnes of CO2 since 2007 and now saves the council well over £100,000 a year in energy bills.

With the increased cost of fuel it may encourage people to use public transport to commute to work and take up things such as cycling or walking- which would lead to a decrease in carbon emissions.

*All information correct at time of writing.

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