Shock Radio members are set to sacrifice more than just sleep in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief.

The Salford station has confirmed that their new project, the ‘Comedy Campsite’, will be their longest and most jam-packed yet.

Kicking off at 9am on Monday 14th March, popular radio regulars will take it in turns to broadcast live on air in the foyer of Salford University’s student union for 24 hours until 9am the following day.

It will air on Shock Radio’s sister airwave: Shock Xtra.

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Promising everything from classic drivetime hits and jazz, to quizzes, comedy and criminal conspiracies, there is truly something to suit every radio taste, with renowned Shock presenters Joe Lander and Courtney Holder hosting the student run event.

Speaking to his father on Coast, FM, Joe, creator of the event, said: “We’re broadcasting on our news station Shock Xtra. We’re doing an OB, which is an outside broadcast. We’ve spent the last week or so setting up a live feed, and we’re managing to broadcast from the centre of the Students Union.”

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The striking ‘campsite’ concept was formed after a Shock producer suggested creating a camping theme inside the student building to correspond with the lengthy time period of the broadcast.

Should a radio show not be to taste, the event will also see local musicians and comedians come in to perform and take part from around the University.

Guests include Liwuk Music (from 7:30 pm) and Evie Moran (from 8:30 pm).

Joe continued: “We’re broadcasting on our news station Shock Extra. We’re doing an OB, which is an outside broadcast. We’ve spent the last week or so setting up a live feed, and we’re managing to broadcast from the centre of the Students Union.

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“We’ve already had contact from Comic Relief because this year it’s moving from its studios in London to Media City in Salford, so they’d be interested in being really involved with us this year, especially seeing as it’s (the date of the move) on the week of the broadcast itself.”

Presenters Courtney Holder and Joe Lander will be hosting the event.

As the project operates in one-two hour slots, many students are devoting their night time hours to doing their part for Comic Relief, hosting shows well into the early hours. They include: The Scarlett Letter (midnight-1am), Ruby’s Undiscovered Women, (4-6am), and Dad Jokes with Joe’s Dad, (6-7am).

Joe couldn’t speak highly enough of the individuals willing to do this, saying: “Some of them are committing to coming into our studio at 3 or 4 in the morning, so huge thank you to them.”

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A GoFundMe page has been launched to assist in donations. It can be accessed by heading to the Comedy Campsite page for Shock Radio at .

Video and photographic coverage will be shared throughout the day on the ‘shockxtra’ Instagram page, as well as on Shock’s other social media pages: Instagram (shockradio_), Facebook (Shock Radio) and Twitter (ShockRadio).

The show can be listened to live by visiting , and selecting the ‘Listen Xtra’ icon.

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Join Joe and Courtney, as well as dozens of hard-working presenters and performers, for full day of talks and tunes that is certainly not to be missed.

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