More than £13k worth of illegal tobacco has been seized in Salford from six different businesses, alongside £3,500 in cash in a series of raids.

Around 20,000 illegal cigarettes and five kilograms of prohibited hand rolling tobacco was reclaimed as part of the raid, as well as the cash.

As part of the sting called Operation Cece, officers from Salford City Council’s trading standards team were supported by police officers, dog handlers and sniffer dogs.

Image Credits: Salford Council

Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for the environment and community safety said: “The people making money out of this do not care who they sell to. Children and young smokers are often targeted by people who sell illegal cigarettes, making it easier for them to get hooked on smoking. The availability of illegal cigarettes makes it harder for people to quit and remain smoke free.”

“Selling illegal tobacco is not welcome in Salford and we will do all to stamp it out.

“The packets carry no health warnings and taxes are not paid on it, which deprives our country of funds for vital public services such as NHS and social care.”

The sale of illegal tobacco can be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or here


  1. The shops should be named so people don’t buy fake cigs thinking they are legitimate cigs. I won’t buy alcohol from corner shops anymore only supermarkets

  2. Good use of stretched police force Mr Lancaster God forbid you need urgent police assistance because you are wasting resources on this. People are intelligent enough and old enough to make the decision to quit and counterfeit tobacco will be very low on the list. No your only interested on the tax loss that the good people of Salford would never see but will have to pay for. So go back and give yourself a good old slap on the back and get back to arranging the next council jolly boys outing at the tax payers expense. I’m not ashamed to say I use this type of tobacco not because I can’t afford to buy real tobacco but refuse to pay the extortionate tax. All you have done is throw a pebble in the ocean but you have hurt a lot of ordinary Salford folk who depend on it. Use my council tax that I’m forced to pay on real issues that would benefit the people you are supposed to represent.

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