Langworthy Reds have set up a GoFundMe after a destructive attack by a group of vandals last week.

The voluntary run club, which is on Swinton Park Road, was hit hard by vandalism during lockdown but the attacks have now resurfaced.

Committee member and player Jack Mellor said: “These instances of vandalism have happened a fair few times now. It all started during lockdown with the changing rooms being smashed to literal pieces, our front door had tried to be broken into and the window next to the front door smashed.

“This then carried on a few weeks back, when a local dog walker got in contact with the police after she saw four young lads breaking into the changing rooms and setting fireworks off.

“A week later our bar window was smashed which prompted us to post what we did on our social media and start the GoFundMe. But again, this weekend it has happened with our referee changing room and one of our store cabins being broken into and smashed.”

The store cabin was broken into this weekend.

The team, which is over 80 years old, were initially reluctant to ask for help but had no choice. However, the community has come to their aid, raising nearly £2,000 since last week. Salford Mayor Paul Dennett also shared their GoFundMe page on Twitter. Mellor said: “We have had other local clubs contacting us donating hundreds of pounds, and local businesses donating a lot of money which was just incredible. We also had a gentleman contact us about putting up CCTV cameras free of charge.

“Super League team Salford Red Devils have donated money, and the Salford Foundation donated money and have put together a raffle raising up to £500!

“It’s incredible, it really is. We all do so much for the community and even though these stupid acts of vandalism do happen they never overcome the incredible generosity of the community of Salford.”

The Reds have received quotes for security upgrades, but they are unsure whether the money raised will be sufficient.

The GoFundMe is available here.

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