‘Salford’s high streets tour’ came to an end on March 19 in Eccles.

The team from Sounds From The Other City came together with Langworthy Live and Walk the Plank to bring live music to Salford’s high streets.

The event travelled around Salford’s highstreets and its finale took place in Eccles on Church Street High Street.

A number of small independent businesses in Eccles hosted many live music artists and bands through out the day, the event was completely free and allowed the people of Eccles to come together and support their high street.

The ‘Home is on your high street’ campaign and events has been supported by Salford City Council, and they have been able to support this by using funding from the European regional development fund as part of their welcome back fund project.

Many small businesses on Church Street took part and hosted live music. Businesses such as: Malaga Drift, The Northern Type, Aj’s Cafe and Bar and The Grapes all hosted live music throughout the afternoon

One group organised a game for everyone where players had to knock over the golden tooth to win a prize.

The group said: “This is the first event we have been to, we are happy to be here!”

Video by Libby Baker

“It’s organised by Sounds From The Other City and they’ve been doing tours of all of the other Salford high streets.”

Sounds From the Other City will return to Chapel Street in Salford for the May Day Bank holiday with 130+ artists performing at their festival.

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